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LeadWell offers tailored solutions & advice for leaders, teams and business

Simon's style is “more walk, straight up talk and zero chalk”

We build our work around your specific needs.

We take time to listen and then respond with recommendations to : 

  • bring your vision to life, and

  • embrace the opportunity ahead, or

  • tackle the present challenge.

Once we’ve defined where we can help most, we’ll blend research-backed frameworks together with practical advice in sessions that get your team engaged in the process of leading strategy, growth, and positive change.  We like getting 'hands-on’ in our sessions - lectures from the front of the room don’t help bridge the knowing-doing gaps. 

Together we'll identify any roadblocks or challenges that may be holding back potential; we'll work on unlocking high performance potential. 

In LeadWell sessions we apply tried and tested methods that work in the real-world, tailored to your needs.

We tailor our services in 3 key areas : Strategy & Business Improvement; Leadership Teams and 1:1 Coaching with Leaders

We work together with you to achieve positive change at your place, in your business, with your people.  Identifying quick wins and those tougher “Must Win Battles”, with a focus on the key factors that underpin high performance : 
Strategy, Strategic Actions, Leadership and Culture. Click on the areas below to read more about our range of services :


True success is only achieved when an organisation consists of a team of engaged, passionate, motivated and enabled people all working together toward a common goal.

A CULTURE that works!  Simon Wickham is a true leader that makes this happen; genuine and authentic in his relentless drive behind people, passion and potential. Simon helps convert the organisation’s ideas into a vision and strategy that team members at all levels can connect with, and then finds ways for every member to realise their own potential on the path to achieving those goals. 

I am very grateful to have had the experience to partner with him and to learn from his many skills, and in particular, on how to muster the best from 300+ team members to really make a difference!” 

Marie Weaver, CFO Alstef Asia-Pacific Region

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Or want to know more?

I suggest we start with a ”discovery” meeting, face to face where you and I can download and discuss what’s going on and where you want to go next.  It's also a chance to explore if we’re the right fit for each other (that’s essential).  Over 30-60 minutes, on a no cost no obligation basis, you’ll get a feel for “how” the LeadWell approach works.  When you're keen to progress, we'll propose ideas & agree with you how to best work together to shift the dial and help add lift to what you do.