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LeadWell helps shift the dial towards high performance

Enabling leaders, teams & businesses to be at their best through great strategy, leadership and culture.

We focus on high performance becoming everyday practice at your place, rather than a one-off event your team attends and then forgets.

LeadWell offers a range of services to support high performance

Supporting leaders, businesses, and teams to be at their high performing best

LeadWell works with you to unlock potential through:

Strategy Facilitation & Strategic Advice 

Strategy facilitation, strategic planning & advice for business owners, leaders and boards. Delivered on or off-site including strategic retreats. Independent facilitation of business progress reviews and business planning workshops that help keep the team on track and make better mission critical decisions.

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Tailored Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development programs and workshops delivered on or off-site Customised in-house with you around your leadership teams needs, tied to your strategy and culture.  We will grow your teams confidence & competence in high performance leadership.

For more details check out the What We Do section.

Workshops for Teams

Workshops & key-notes for small or large teams, boards and leadership teams - building alignment, trust and commitment to each other, your strategy and your team.  We focus on creating and maintaining high performance culture, values and everyday behaviours that resonate with your wider team.   We also assist when team dysfunctions arise to get things back on track.

See more in our What We Do section.

1:1 Mentoring & Coaching for Leaders

Mentoring & Coaching for business owners and executives, board chairs and senior leaders.  Deeply personalised face to face work to support you in your leadership (can be done online if that helps us to stay connected).

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The face behind LeadWell is
Simon Wickham

Simon’s desire to help others in business and leadership is where LeadWell’s story began. 

With 20+ years experience in leadership roles, across multiple sectors, Simon’s advice tried and tested in the real-world. He blends his hands-on understanding alongside research-backed frameworks from world-leading business schools he attended (Stanford, IMD, Harvard) to help leaders and teams achieve their goals and bring their vision to life. 

His leadership and governance experience in high-performance sport adds to his business expertise - both of which LeadWell clients draw on. Rather than just theory, Simon brings first-hand leadership experience with a real understanding of the demands on leaders.

Simon’s “walked, not talked” leadership includes a track history of:

  • Working in & creating high-performance environments 

  • Strategically leading and aligning businesses to turn around financial performance; leadership teams; culture;  team engagement and stakeholder/investor confidence

  • Working in start-up & long-standing structures;  small & large businesses; and overseeing acquisitions & mergers

  • Executive and board-level experience that spans a wide variety of sectors including retail, professional services, property and equity investment holdings, high-performance sport, hospitality, events & facility management, tourism, not-for-profits, large-scale social enterprises, national governing bodies and government-funded organisations

  • leadership in organisations with media & public interest and/or high levels of regulatory compliance  

Simon works together with business leaders unlocking potential between the why, the what and the how.  Closing the gaps between knowing, doing and understanding strategy, leadership & culture

Ready to connect?

If you are ready to connect let's get together

Or want to know more?

I suggest we start with a ”discovery” meeting, face to face where you and I can download and discuss what’s going on and where you want to go next.  It's also a chance to explore if we’re the right fit for each other (that’s essential).  Over 30-60 minutes, on a no cost no obligation basis, you’ll get a feel for “how” the LeadWell approach works.  When you're keen to progress, we'll propose ideas & agree with you how to best work together to shift the dial and help add lift to what you do.