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What do others say about working together?

The right fit is important and we get it, you probably want to know what it's like working with Simon. Below are some insights from people that have worked closely with him.

Simon is a highly motivated strategic thinker who possesses superior analytical and reasoning skills.

Mike Stanley, Honorary President New Zealand Olympic Committee

True success is only achieved when an organisation consists of a team of engaged, passionate, motivated and enabled people all working together toward a common goal.

A CULTURE that works!  Simon Wickham is a true leader that makes this happen; genuine and authentic in his relentless drive behind people, passion and potential. Simon helps convert the organisation’s ideas into a vision and strategy that team members at all levels can connect with, and then finds ways for every member to realise their own potential on the path to achieving those goals. 

I am very grateful to have had the experience to partner with him and to learn from his many skills, and in particular, on how to muster the best from 300+ team members to really make a difference!” 

Marie Weaver, CFO Alstef Asia-Pacific Region

Working with Simon has been a brilliant experience. The values Simon brings to his work has brought to the business 100% align with ours. From this foundation of shared values we have built a great partnership that has returned value to our organisation in many ways.  Simon has helped on a personal level through sharing his insights and wisdom. Many problems have been solved. Our discussions are all about blending life experiences with well earned professional acumen.

We cover everything from the simplicity and beauty of a trail run through to navigating a difficult relationship.  I leave our conversations with plenty of homework and solutions I could not find on my own. Simon has been a fierce collaborator on many levels. His authenticity and integrity are defining traits that generate big outcomes.

Scott Gemmell - GM Home of Cycling Velodrome Trust

Simon's one of those down to earth leaders that you want to work with and spend more time with.  He's capable of inspiring others to be at their authentic best, whether presenting to large crowds, within team workshops or in 1 on 1 conversations. He's got a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on but shares that in a way that grows trust and confidence in yourself as a leader too.

Simon has the very unique ability to connect with people at any level, can easily read the crowd and can skillfully adapt his approach to suit his audience. I'd definitely recommend him.

Mike Gascoigne - Bayleys Real Estate

Simon helped us keynote and drive a session with our leaders and influencers focussed on building team engagement and culture as part of a wider set of initiatives driving culture change at Hamilton City Council. The session was a great shot in the arm for our team - practical, motivational and Simon definitely kept it real about the impact leaders make on culture.  Despite the large group setting, Simon made it personable, practical and he challenged us well. 

Our team valued that Simon was able to draw on his own real-life experiences as a leader to support them and offer ideas they could immediately put into action. I would definitely recommend his services.

Kelvyn Eglinton - CEO Momentum Foundation 
(former GM Growth, Hamilton City Council)

Simon is an exceptional leader because he understands that in order to get the best out of a team you need to lead the culture rather than simply manage the team.

I’ve seen firsthand the impact that his ‘people and culture-centricity’ has had and would have no hesitancy in stating that any organisation would be fortunate to have his experience onboard.

Glen Sharkey - Lifeworks Ltd

We engaged Simon to join us at our annual Total Sport hui, as it’s always great to have someone external that can provide insights on engaging others, and alongside that supporting teams to go the extra mile.

I really enjoy Simon’s style, he has a lot of diverse, real-world experience and communicates in an easy, approachable and motivational way. People and culture are always at the fore, and those are the things that inspire, and bring out the best in people.

Our team left this session feeling energised, motivated and looking for ways in which to improve. I’d recommend Simon as someone that provides inspiration, along with practical advice that teams can put into everyday action. Simon is a good bugger, he’s down to earth and practical, and is passionate about helping others.

He’s a put-people-first character - it’s easy to connect with him, and he knows how to encourage and lay the foundation for teams striving to achieve a higher performance.

Aaron Carter - Owner/Director Total Sport NZ (Events Business)

I liked the way Simon linked the agenda and the building blocks of high performance for us and our business.

I think he's done a wonderful job of facilitating and leading our sessions - very focussed and great at assessing priorities. 

Simon was so good at keeping us focussed whilst also letting us talk; I love his enthusiasm, it is infectious.

Feedback from strategy offsite workshop aligning Owners/Managers of a commercial property sector business

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