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It can be lonely at the top; it doesn't have to be that way

LeadWell for Owners & Leaders provides 1:1 Coaching, Mentoring & Support

Perhaps you’ve experienced that feeling you’re in the leadership deep end or have team members that are - we’ve probably all been there, I understand. I've walked several miles in similar shoes along the leadership learning journey - learning never stops.

I know from first hand experience, the benefits that quality support for Leaders provides, support from someone that's lived leadership too. I can help with that.

Providing support for the balancing act of high performance leadership, with an first-hand understanding of the demands that come with being a leader.

I work with leaders who may need:

  • An independent set of ears to confidentially share your challenges with and identify ways to resolve them, with the help of an experienced leader 

  • A helpful  “Chief Reminding Officer” (it’s proven, it works) to build a personal plan, check-in regularly, and provide some "time on the balcony"

  • A fresh perspective from someone that has walked in similar shoes, faced similar challenges, and understands leadership - I have been there too

  • Support and ideas to help unlock the full potential of your team and/or yourself

With 20+ years of leadership experience to draw on I will share openly with you my own challenges, my own mistakes, and my learnings. I’ll work with you, for you, without judgment, to help you be at your best.

Ways we might work 1:1 together on personal leadership could include:

One on One coaching/mentoring

Building a personal plan, regular check-in's on you and progress, insights to build your own leadership effectiveness

Executive Level / Strategic Decision Making

Providing a second set of eyes/ears to assist you in making mission-critical decisions and helping minimise risks of bias or groupthink (it happens to us all)

Supporting Courageous Conversations

Tough conversations to be had? It's a key aspect of leadership that should never be easy but can be made easier.  Support that might assist you could be either planning/preparation or in-room support for those tough conversations that have to be had to shift the dial inside your team or your business

360 & Personality Profiling Insights

I’m happy to recommend trusted sources of profiling tools or help implement 360-degree feedback that we can use for key insights.  The coaching around interpreting the feedback these tools provide is the key ingredient - I am not licensed or tied to any one profiling tool or method - I'm happy to make recommendations or work with something familiar to you or your business - I have worked personally with many of the good tools out there.

Building Your Personal Brand

Working on the brand called YOU and your own value proposition - for some leaders this can be a very helpful, self-validating and incredibly empowering exercise to build and understand your storyboard, your strengths and where you are at your best. Plus where you could go next to build your own brand further.

Personalised Guidance for Busy Executives & Chairs 

Working at the governance/management interface can be demanding, sometimes said to be "like herding cats" - let me help you build highly effective Management/Governance interfaces and support your role as CEO or Chair - lets talk

What Others Say - 

I  found my co-operation with Simon one of the most rewarding experiences of my working life. Simon is knowledgeable, open to learning and supported me in a very challenging role.

He is a great listener, is able to assess information quickly and created good strong relationships. I feel privileged to have worked with him.
Sarah Elliott

The Chief Reminding Officer role LeadWell plays

Often it's helpful to have a "Chief Reminding Officer" at your side - lifting you up out of the day to day to so you get some “balcony time” working your team, yourself, and your business rather than being stuck in the tyranny of the urgent, working “in your business”.

I’ve personally experienced the benefit of someone independent to check in with.  The 1:1 mentoring we do is often a key part of wider LeadWell work we're doing for Teams and for Business. We encourage you to click below to find out more about each of those areas too :

Ready to connect?

If you are ready to connect let's get together

Or want to know more?

I suggest we start with a ”discovery” meeting, face to face where you and I can download and discuss what’s going on and where you want to go next.  It's also a chance to explore if we’re the right fit for each other (that’s essential).  Over 30-60 minutes, on a no cost no obligation basis, you’ll get a feel for “how” the LeadWell approach works.  When you're keen to progress, we'll propose ideas & agree with you how to best work together to shift the dial and help add lift to what you do.