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It’s said that 90% of strategy fails on execution. Not if we can help it.

LeadWell's work with businesses goes beyond strategy. 

We're here to help you find clarity and transform your vision into strategy, business plans & repeatable actions.

When there’s a compelling vision and clear strategic plan in place (we can help with that), we engage with leaders in the business “under the hood”- moving strategy into the execution phase (actions and reviews).  Breaking strategy down to clear targets, actions & behaviours is vital to bring your vision to life. 

We support boards, owners, leaders and teams to enact change, identifying how to engage people so the whole team feels part of bringing your vision and strategy to life.

LeadWell works from where you need us, at strategic off-sites and at your place.  Working on short term projects or over the long term. Always tailored to your needs, to bring your vision to life.

Working with leaders & influencers (Boards/Owners, CEOs, GMs) to :

  • Create strategy & strategic clarity on your must-wins

  • Support strategic decision-making - minimising the risk of bias and groupthink

  • Align strategy with culture, values & behaviours

  • Build business accountability and keep the focus on key strategic actions and the “must wins”

  • Create high performing culture and behaviours that improve your likelihood of strategic success

Ways we can work together include:

Strategic Planning Facilitation (onsite or offsite)

Assisting Boards, Executive Teams, Business Owners develop strategic plans & strategy with stakeholders and customers in mind. Refreshing strategy and aligning teams to win together.

Strategic Decision Making and Advisory Work 

Facilitation with tried and tested methods that help your team make better strategic decisions and avoid bias & groupthink.  

Annual Business Planning Workshops and Reviews

Facilitating and advising strategy reviews and business progress reviews. Assisting , business planning, roadmaps ; roles/responsibilities clarity ; alignment of KPIs ; clarifying teams and individuals roles and accountabilities in the execution phase

Business Advisory

An independent set of eyes and ears to help problem-solve challenges you’re facing - providing support and independent advice 

Management/Governance Interface Support 

Supporting the Chair/CEO interface; building better Boardroom culture;  effective meetings & agendas; strategic alignment; governance 101 advice to build Board/Management effectiveness

Keynotes and Workshops

To shift the dial or inject an independent voice that support the change you're driving - delivered across a wide range of topics customised to your needs and aligned to shifting the dial to where you need the team to go

Leadership Team Offsite Meetings & Workshop Facilitation 

Who doesn't prefer a pre-mortem rather than a post-mortem - we help identify opportunities to align teams, close gaps and create high performing teams. We also help identify & solve issues in teams before they grow further with LeadWell's futurespective approach and straight-up style. 

Team Culture Workshops

Team alignment and better team dynamics build high performing teams.  We help define social contracts, better ways of working together and engage people to win as a team through helping groups set clear expectations around team culture, values and behaviours.  At times we're called on to help problem-solve when teams of people are no longer working at their best together or it's time to reset and refresh the team.

What Others Say

Feedback from a strategy offsite workshop aligning owners & managers :

  • I liked the way you linked the agenda and the building blocks of high performance for us and our business

  • I think you’ve done a wonderful job of facilitating and leading our sessions - very focused and great at assessing priorities

  • So good at keeping us focussed whilst also letting us talk

  • I love your enthusiasm, it is infectious

LeadWell offers a range of executive mentoring, leadership development and strategic services.

Often called on as a helpful "Chief Reminding Officer" - lifting leaders up out of the day to day to get some “balcony time” to work on their business rather than in their business - it’s a very common need.  I’ve always found it helpful in my own work to have an independent set of eyes and ears to “check in” with.  It keeps focus on the progress being made "on the important" rather than just the urgent.  Our work on strategy & business often ties in closely with the work we do for Leaders and for Teams, you can read more about those services here : 

Ready to connect?

If you are ready to connect let's get together

Or want to know more?

I suggest we start with a ”discovery” meeting, face to face where you and I can download and discuss what’s going on and where you want to go next.  It's also a chance to explore if we’re the right fit for each other (that’s essential).  Over 30-60 minutes, on a no cost no obligation basis, you’ll get a feel for “how” the LeadWell approach works.  When you're keen to progress, we'll propose ideas & agree with you how to best work together to shift the dial and help add lift to what you do.